Through professional assessment and one-to-one tutoring we are able to help children improve not only their reading skills but also their self confidence and outlook on learning.  Our tutors provide a warm and encouraging environment with positive reinforcement and encouragement.  The Sinkinson Dyslexia Foundation can also help adults improve their reading skills and fluency.  

Our tutoring program is based on the Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory method of teaching reading, writing, and spelling to individuals with deficient skills due to dyslexia.  Students work with their tutor for one hour at least once a week.  When an individual starts in our program they are offered sixty hours of tutoring.  However, we want to ensure our students will reach their full potential and that may require additional session, not to exceed 100 hours total.  Tutoring locations include the SDF office in Virginia Beach and any approved local library.  Thanks to support from Old Dominion University tutoring can also be conducted at the Perry Library on the ODU campus.   

Our services are provide FREE of charge for families of low to low-middle income households.  Anyone interested in receiving our services are asked to submit and application which can be found through our TESTING AND APPLYING link on our website.  We can also send a copy of the application through the mail.  Please contact us at 757.437.0733 to request a copy.


Our mission is to teach children and adults, who are dyslexic, to read.

for those that financially qualify