Thank You for your interest in the services we provide to struggling readers.  

If you are interested in receiving our services for yourself our your child please submit the application and return along with the required financial documentation.  To determine financial qualification we will need the total annual income of all adults in the household and the documentation to support it.  Please submit the most recent taxes that indicate the total annual earnings for all adults in the household (most recently filed fedeal tax form 1040, pg. 1, with all social security numbers blacked out).  All disability, child support, and/or unemployment should be included in the income.  If there has been any change in income, please submit the changes in writing. 

To determine financial qualification, we will compare household size along with total income, to corresponding guidelines for median income (363% Federal Poverty Guidelines).  Those with income below those guidelines financially qualify.  With additional grant funding, the financial requirements have expanded to include those up to low-middle income.  

We will consider the concerns presented in relation to the possibility of the presence of a significant reading problem.  Those who qualify financially will be accepted for a free, brief cognitive educational screening to determine eligibility.  A formal diagnosis of a learning disability will not be made and documentation of the results will not be distributed.  There is typically a one week period to review the submitted application and an eight week period before approved students are matched with a tutor.  We appreciate your patients during this time. 


Application, Participation Form, and income documents can be returned by:



Sinkinson Dyslexia Foundation, Inc.

3710 Pacific Ave. Suite 500
Virginia Beach, VA 23451




testing included in application process